Blackberry Coffee Cake with Salted Almond Streusel
A slice of rhubarb coffee cake sits on a plate and is held against a light grey background.
A piece of rhubarb coffee cake sits on a cream colored plate with streusel crumbs.

Blackberry Coffee Cake with Salted Almond Streusel

$ 6.00

Local (and native) Pacific Trailing Blackberries* from Forage & Farm are folded into a buttery cake batter and topped with an almond streusel that will make you cry - it's that good. Flaky Maldon sea salt is added for good measure and the entire thing is baked until gooey. Made with local berries and flour. 

Allergens: wheat, dairy (butter), eggs, nuts (almond flour)

*Pacific Trailing Blackberries (Rubus ursinus) hold a special place in our hearts. These native plants have a small, uber tart berry with tiny seeds and make the perfect pie, in our opinion. Sadly, the larger invasive Himalayan blackberry has been displacing these delicate trailing blackberries. Megan's grandparents still own the family lake cabin on Lake Tapps and she grew up picking trailing blackberries all summer long (she has the scars from blackberry thorns to prove it!) When property values along the lake went up, so did large homes and the wild blackberry patches she grew up picking from are long gone. Forage and Farm is one of the many spectacular growers and foragers in our region and our supplier of this phenomenal local berry.