Pop-ups and Events

Upcoming Dates

Friday, May 27 - Rescheduled Pop-up AND Ben's Buns! | Bistro Shirlee 3-5 PM | Stock up Ben's Bread goodies as well as hamburger and hot dog buns for your Memorial Day weekend BBQs | Pre-order info and details here -- no pre-orders of buns.

Sunday, June 5 - Plan C: A Bake Sale for Choice | The Jensen Marina, 10 AM - 1 PM | Join makers and bakers from around the city for a bake sale raising funds to support  reproductive rights and access to safe abortions. More details here!

Friday, June 17 - SubBen | Bistro Shirlee, 12 - 2 PM | Submarine sandwiches three ways, chips, and cookies. "Have it Ben's way!" | More details coming soon.

Friday, July 8 - English Muffin Breakfast Sammies | Bistro Shirlee 9-11 AM | It's an English muffin breakfast party! | More details coming soon.

Friday, July 22 - Ben's Bread & DoughnutsBistro Shirlee, 3-5 PM | Who doesn't like breakfast for dinner? Our traditional pop-up menu including fresh doughnuts! | More details coming soon.