Wednesday, September 2nd: Bread Pick-up


Ben's Bread uses locally sourced, sustainably grown whole grains and a natural leavening process to make our small-batch, artisan sourdough breads. We bake responsibly, reducing waste by baking to order and giving a portion of proceeds from each loaf to Green Plate Special.

What: Ben's Bread / Willmott's Ghost Pop-up 
When: Wednesday, September 2nd | 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Where: Willmott's Ghost | 2100 6th Ave, Seattle 

For this pop-up we're offering up our maestro, ciabatta loaves, and the mighty return of our hamburger buns, as well as English muffins and our beloved corn cookie. 

Pick-up Details  

Wednesday, September 2nd, at Willmott's Ghost from 4 PM to 6 PM. Willmott's Ghost has an amazing to-go menu available and we HIGHLY recommend placing an order to pick-up with your bread. You can order from them for takeout here and even pick an available time that coordinate with when you are going to come grab your bread! Or you can stay and dine al fresco on their outdoor patio (limited seating to ensure your safety). Snag some food, wine, cocktail kits, grocery items, etc. and help support a great local restaurant and the employees who work there. 

To facilitate pick-up, simply:

       Come to the restaurant's front door (please wear your face mask) and we'll have your items prepackaged and ready to go with minimal contact. 

For both your safety and ours, we will not be relying on any walk-up business, so again this will be strictly pre-order. We won't be making extra items so when we sell out, we sell out. That said, we will have more inventory available for pre-order so people aren't left empty-handed.