Meet our Friend: Chartered Wellness

Hello fellow bread lovers!

We're going to spend the next few weeks shining a spotlight on our talented friends! It's a new blog series called "Meet our Friend." (I know, very creative title).

Our first friend is Drew Follette, expert holistic nutritionist and founder of Chartered Wellness.

Drew Follette

Her business is focused on helping people create healthy and happy lifestyles through eating whole foods. With her knowledge and expertise, she helps people discover the foods that work best for their dietary needs and sets them up with a plan for future success. Additionally, she works with people with how to better fuel their bodies as well as with people managing chronic health conditions like diabetes, allergies, digestive issues, or the autoimmune.

Chartered Wellness Website

The thing I love about Chartered Wellness is that it isn't focused on a strict diet or a list of things to avoid. Each client is a clean slate, and Drew works based on their specific needs to not only help them find the foods that work best for them, but even helps them figure out how to discover those needs on their own.

I encourage you all to check out Chartered Wellness. Nutritional consultation, advice, and assistance from a truly fun person that you should all get to know regardless of nutritional needs! Here are some places you can find her:



Instagram: @charteredwellness

Twitter: @charteredwell

Facebook: Chartered Wellness


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