Introducing Ben's Bread

Friends - we did it. 

Ben's Bread has been a labor of love in many ways.

The goodness that comes out of Ben's oven every week is more than just flour, water, and salt. It is a marriage of time, patience, and caring, not just by us, but by the farmers, millers, and even our (hopefully ever-expanding) community of local customers.

We hope you like Ben's Bread as much as we enjoy baking it. More in fact - we hope you love it. Devour it. Tell your friends about it.

And if not, please let us know!

We love what we do because it brings happiness to others dining tables (and tummies) and we are always striving for the best possible products.

Don't see the loaf you're looking for? Want to know how to keep your loaves fresh and tasty? Ask us!

To everyone who helped us get here: thank you for your support. We could not have done this without you. Now, get ready to enjoy some awesome breads!  

(They're life-changing.)

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