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It's really quite simple:

  • Subscribe to receive our email newsletter here.
  • The week before our next bread pick-up, we'll send out an email with the date, location, and available varieties. If you're subscribed to our mailing list, you'll receive an email reminder - hooray!
  • Go online, place your order, and securely pay with your credit/debit card. 
  • Once the orders are in, Ben makes your bread fresh for your pickup which will occur at a central location.
  • Come to the pickup location during the designated time and your bread will ready and waiting. You can find the week's pick-up location in your order confirmation email.
  • Finally (the best part!), grab that bag of bread, take it to your house, and eat it.
For suggestions on how to eat that bread, feel free to ask Ben in person or via email.

    Questions you may be asking yourself...

    How do I know my pick-up location?
    When sales open, the pick-up location will be outlined in the email announcement, as well as in the collection in our online store. For now, the location will either be in Seattle or Bellevue, WA. As we grow and expand, we'll announce new locations on our website and via our newsletter - so stay tuned! 

    What if the type of bread I want sells out? 
    We are a one-baker bakery (Ben) and therefore can only make so many loaves in a week. However, depending on total sales, we may be able to fit some extra loaves in so just email us and ask!

    Do I have to bring cash when I pick up the bread?
    Nope! You will have already paid online. (Magic!)

    What if I'm running late to pick up my bread?
    No problem! Just let us know by sending an email. We can be pretty flexible if given a heads up...

    Can I place a guaranteed standing order for the same bread every week?
    Not quite yet, for now we are taking it one week at a time.